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Grocery List - Based on serving 10 Adults

New Red Potatoes, typically 6 per pound, BUY 5 pounds

Kielbasa Sausage, typically cut 6 pieces per pound, BUY 5 pounds

Corn on the cob, BUY 10 ears

Snow Crab, typically 3 clusters per pound, BUY 7 pounds

Mussels, typically 9 pound bag, BUY 9 pounds

Clams, typically 10 pound bag, BUY 10 pounds

Shrimp, typically 24 per pound, BUY 4 pounds

Salt, BUY 1 can

Onion, BUY 4 large

Celery, BUY 6 stalks

Old Bay Seasoning, BUY 2 pounds

Butter, BUY 2 quarters

Lemons, BUY 6 lemons

Ceyenne, BUY 3 tablespoons

Ice, BUY 8 pounds

Cocktail Sauce, BUY Ketchup and Horseradish (not Horseradish Sauce)

Time is of the essence! From start to serve, expect 2-hours.

Step 1. Into a 42-quart pot, fill 3/4 with water.

Step 2. Light propane burner, set flame to high.

Step 3. Add 1/2-can salt to water.

Step 4. Peel and quarter onions, add to water.

Step 5. Cut lemons in half, squeeze and add to water.

Step 6. Chop celery into 3-inch pieces and add to water.

Step 7. Add 2-pounds Old Bay Seasoning, 2-quarters butter, and 3-tablespoons ceyenne.

Step 8. Wash new red potatoes (DO NOT CUT) and add to water.

Step 9. Cut kielbasa sausage 6-pieces to pound and add to water.

Let water get to a rolling boil - expect 45 minutes time

Step 10. Husk corn and add to water (wait 10 minutes before next step)

Step 11. Add clams, mussels, and snow crab (wait 5 minutes before next step)

Step 12. Add shrimp (wait 2 minutes before next step)

Step 13. Add 8-pounds of ice

Step 14. Cover pot and let soak for 45-minutes

It doesn't get any better than this!

Low Boil 45-minute Soak

45 minute soaking time, after adding 8-pounds ice

Serving Into Pans

Serving into aluminum pans

Time To Eat

Time to eat